Back to Basics: ISTE Student Standards 5&6

The fifth ISTE Student Standard focuses on digital citizenship and appropriate online behavior. Although the computer lit classes devote several class periods to this topic each year, positive digital citizenship should be embedded into all online assignments and projects.  If you are looking for ideas to encorporate digital citizenship into your classroom or to complete the “Cyber Cop” task in PD Craft (Develop a written statement of digital citizenship expectations for classroom activities and assignments), here are a few resources.

The sixth and final ISTE Student Standard is devoted to conceptual understandings of technology processes, troubleshooting and informed decision making.  This is fostered when students are given choices in how they will collect, organize, and present information.  Choice encourages students to learn a variety of tools, giving them the ability to evaluate tools and choose the best tools for future technology-based tasks.  They also learn valuable technology concepts when they are familiar with multiple tools.

This week I will share Gamer Type results for Science and Social Studies.  Note that the scales on the left are different when comparing the two charts.

science social studies