Back to Basics: OTMS Technology Goals

At the beginning of last year, the OTMS leadership team started the process of defining our goals for the use of instructional technology.  From an initial list of approximately 15 goals, we picked five that we considered to be crucial in living out the mission of OTMS.

OTMS Mission Statement

Osage Trail Middle School is a community of staff and student learners.  Our mission is to meet the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the adolescent learner to ensure our students are critical thinkers who will effectively collaborate with, contribute to and compete in a global society.

When dealing with technology implementation, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture including mission, vision, and quality instruction.  As the leadership team prepares for SIP, our discussions often focus around defining goal and strategies to meet those goals.  Technology should never be a goal within itself, but a strategy that supports the mission, vision, and instructional practices of a learning community.  When we wrote these goals, we were careful to place instruction and student achievement at the center of each goal.

OTMS Technology Goals

  1. Teachers will use technology to transform lessons with activities that could not be accomplished outside of a 1:1 learning environment. (ISTE-T 1, 2, 3)
  1. Teachers will use technology to differentiate instruction. (ISTE-T 2c)
  1. Students will become independent learners in response to differentiation through technology. (ISTE-S 4, 5c)
  1. Teachers will use technology to collect formative and summative achievement data and provide students with timely feedback in response to this data.  (ISTE-T 2d)
  1. Students will be given the opportunity to lead in the areas of technology support and digital citizenship. (ISTE-S 5, 6)

After completing this list, I compared our goals with the ISTE Standards to ensure that our goals aligned with international technology standards.  Over the next few weeks, my blogs will focus on the ISTE Student Standards and ways to incorporate them into instruction.  And if daily instruction was not enough, we will be using the ISTE Student Standards during the second annual OTMS EdTech Chef Challenge on January 4, 2016.