Curating Your Professional Learning: Evernote Web Clipper

Last week I covered Evernote as a tool for collecting notes and information from the web.  As I said then, Bookmarks are a possible solution for curating web content, but Bookmarks can quickly become overwhelming and they only work as long as the bookmarked web page is maintained.  The Evernote Web Clipper is a Chrome extension that saves web content directly into Evernote.  Once in Evernote, you have permanent (and searchable) access to this information through a browser, iOS and Android mobile devices, or the Windows or Mac application.  As you collect more information, your notes can be organized in notebooks and these notebooks can be organized into stacks.  You can also tag notes with searchable keywords.

With the Web Clipper, you can save web information in the following formats:

  • Web Pages
    • The Web Clipper takes a picture of the page as it appears at that time.  If the web page is updated in the future, your Evernote note will not reflect those changes.  If the web page is removed in the future, you will still have your copy of the web page in Evernote.
  • Articles
    • The Web Clipper saves only the article or text of the blog post on the web page.  Advertisements and other information along the margins of the page are omitted.
  • PDF Files
    • The Web Clipper creates a note and attaches the PDF file to that note.  You can later open the PDF in Evernote and annotate the PDF with text, shapes, and highlighting.
  • Bookmarks
    • The Web Clipper creates a bookmark for the web page.  This works like a traditional bookmark.
  • Screenshots
    • After selecting a portion of the screen, the Web Clipper takes a picture of your selection and places it in a note.  You can also annotate the screenshot with text, shapes, or highlights before saving the screenshot.

Each time you clip something into Evernote, you are able to select the notebook where the information will be placed, along with adding tags and remarks.  Once the content is in Evernote as a note, the note can be organized into Notebooks and searched.

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

The Google Expeditions Pioneer Program visit was a huge success and provided teachers and students an opportunity to experience a new Google technology.  It is not currently available to schools, but the feedback we provided during and after the visit will be used to make the program better.  While the science department was exploring products for their upcoming textbook adoption on February 2, one of the textbook sales representatives brought a Google Cardboard with them and talked about how their company is working with Google to develop Expeditions to enhance the content of their print and digital resources.  Although this product is still in development, it appears to be gaining momentum and attracting the attention of educators and educational content providers.