Curating Your Professional Learning: Evernote

As you locate great news articles and blog posts through Feedly or Twitter, it becomes increasingly difficult to organize and archive them for future reference.  Bookmarks are a possible solution, but your bookmark folders can quickly become packed with entries, and if articles are removed from the web or moved to a different location, the Bookmark will no longer work.  Plus, it is difficult to scan through a stack of Bookmarks finding the perfect article you remember reading two months ago.  The best tool I have found for curating web content in an organized and searchable format is Evernote.

Evernote is a versatile and paperless note-taking tool that can help you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Taking Notes (you can also attach files or pictures to notes)
  • To Do Lists
  • Clipping Content from the Web (I will focus on the Evernote Webclipper next week)
    • web pages
    • articles
    • PDF Files
    • Bookmarks
    • Screenshots
  • Reminders
  • Adding Tags to notes, lists, and Web Clippings
  • Combining notes, lists, and Web Clippings into Notebooks to organize similar notes
  • Combining Notebooks into Stacks to organize and combine similar Notebooks
  • Sharing Notes and Notebooks through a URL
  • Notes and Web Clippings are searchable, making it easy to search the whole text of the note or clipping and not just the title.

Your notes and webclippings in Evernote can be accessed through a browser, iOS and Android mobile devices, or through a Windows or Mac application and Evernote has compiled several tutorials and guides on their help page.  Take some time to create an account and explore Evernote; next week I will introduce the Evernote Webclipper (a Chrome extension) as a quick way to save websites and articles in Evernote for future reference.

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program Visit

The Google Expeditions Pioneer Program will be visiting the OTMS library next Wednesday, February 3.  Google Expeditions are virtual reality field trips using Google Cardboard.  Google has created several virtual Expeditions to locations around the world, and OTMS students will have the opportunity on Wednesday to visit a few of these places in a virtual environment.  Students will be participating in Expeditions from 7:30-10:25 and 11:30-2:10; feel free to stop by anytime during the day and join a class on their Expedition.  You are also welcome to attend the teacher training session at 7:00 in the library if you want to see how the system works.