Curating Your Professional Learning: Feedly

If you follow a number of blogs, educational information sites, or news sites, the process of visiting each page soon becomes time-consuming.  Rather than going to each site individually, I recommend using Feedly to collect all this information into one place where you can skim headlines and read what interests you most.  By adding blogs and websites to your Feedly page, you create a custom newsfeed that regularly updates as new information is added to the sites you follow through Feedly.  There are free and paid versions of Feedly, but the free version has enough features to make it a useful tool.  Feedly has created a guide to set up and customize your account.

Feedly is a web-based service, but there are also Chrome, Android, and iOS Apps available, allowing you to access your curated information on a variety of devices.  Feedly allows you to login with existing Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Windows accounts, making it unnecessary to create a separate Feedly account and password.  There are also several Feedly Chrome Extensions available that add additional functionality (be careful in adding too many as over-notification could become a problem).