Curating Your Professional Learning: Storify

chalkboard-620316_1280Storify is a web curation tool that allows you to collect content from Twitter and other social media sites into a timeline that can be shared through a URL.  After logging in with your Twitter account (you don’t have to create a separate account for Storify) begin your timeline by clicking the New Story button.   Use the search window on the right to select the social media site, enter your search term or user information, and then drag any posts from the search results on the right to the edit window on the left side of the screen.  You can also add text boxes to separate the timeline into sections.  When you are finished, click publish and then the view and publicize link.  The preview screen offers options for customizing and sharing your timeline.

A few possible uses of Storify:

  • Curate Tweets related to particular topic to save for future reference and share with your colleagues
  • Curate Tweets from a conference or professional development event
  • Curate Tweets containing a hashtag your regularly follow
  • Curate your own Tweets to include in your professional portfolio
  • Curate Tweets focused on a current event to share with students.  This allows you to share the best Tweets and ignore any inappropriate content.  The content from Tweets in Storify is still blocked for students through the filter, but can be shown using your SmartBoard Computer.
  • Curate Tweets focused on the political process to share with students
  • Curate Tweets posted by an author, reporter, leader, or public figure to share with students

To demonstrate a finished timeline, I created a Storify using a few tweets containing #OTFalcons and #FOProud from the month of February.