Curating Your Professional Learning: TweetDeck

EdTech Chef

Thanks for making our second EdTech Chef Competition a success.  Even with a few added challenges created by working in interdisciplinary teams, the lesson plans and presentations proved once again that the staff of OTMS can work together to transform student learning.  Thanks for your positive attitudes and creative mindsets as you worked together and shared your ideas.  Hopefully you found or developed something you can use in your classes during third semester.  Feel free to refer back to the EdTech Chef Homedoc for links to any tools you want to investigate further.

Professional Development and Curation Tools

Over the next few weeks, I will shift the focus of the tools I share from instructional to professional development.  Rather than suggesting a resource you can use in class, I will discuss a tool or website you can use to find instructional tools and resources or connect with other educators to grow your personal learning network.  Although many of you find my weekly suggestions helpful, sharing one a tool a week isn’t always the most efficient way of finding the perfect tool you need to meet your learning goals.  As teachers, our instruction should enable and encourage students to become independent learners.  As an instructional coach, I should be giving you the resources to become independent learners as well.  Some of the tools I share may be familiar and some will likely be new to you.  If the tool is familiar, take some time to reacquaint yourself, update your account profile, discover a updated feature, or learn to use a new function of the service.  If the tool is new to you, I encourage you to set up an account and explore the tool to see what it has to offer.  After experimenting with a few different curation and communication tools, you can make educated decisions about which tools work best for you and contain information that you find useful as you transform your teaching through the integration of technology.

Tool #1: Tweetdeck

I have introduced Tweetdeck in the past and included a few challenges pertaining to TweetDeck in the October #FOProud Twitter Challenge.  One of the biggest challenges of using Twitter is keeping up with the constant flow of information; TweetDeck uses your existing Twitter account and organizes Tweets in columns sorted by hashtags, keywords, users, Twitter Lists, and more (you get to configure your own columns).  TweetDeck can be configured for Twitter Chats, allowing you to keep up with the fast-paced nature of Twitter Chats.  TweetDeck also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and schedule Tweets for the future.  Scheduling Tweets is especially useful when you want a Tweet to post at a specific time that you will be unable to access Twitter.

Here are a few resources to help you setup and explore TweetDeck: