Differentiation Resources and Edcamp OTMS

Our Professional Development Library contains several resources on differentiation and I have created an short bibliography to help you quickly find something useful in your classroom.  Although most are not specific to using technology in differentiation, they are still great resources to discovering new ideas and strategies.  Based on the great participation during the EdTech Chef Challenge a couple weeks ago, I have no doubts that we are capable of integrating technology into existing strategies.

I have also created a Thinglink where I will tag various differentiation resources in the coming weeks.  I have already tagged a few items to get it started and I will be talking about some of these tags in future newsletter posts.

Edcamp OTMS

  • To help us prepare to participate in Edcamp OTMS on March 26, I recommend two more resources. This edutopia article explains the purpose of an Edcamp and what happens during an Edcamp session.  (We have modified the described process slightly in that we are setting the schedule ahead of the event.)
  • Dan Callahan, the founder of Edcamp, discusses the growth and popularity of the Edcamp movement in this video.

Now it’s our turn to join the momentum of the Edcamp movement. To submit conversation topics or guiding questions for Edcamp OTMS, please use the form linked here.  If you have more than two topics to suggest, complete the form a second time.  If you are willing to facilitate a conversation on your suggested topic, please check the box indicating your interest.

Technology Celebrations

Student Chromebooks have been registered for the MAP test and another readiness check will be conducted on all devices during computer lit on Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for the simulated load test on Friday.

Art students are exploring art works shared in blogs by other art teachers.