#ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 3

After a couple weeks of reflective blog posts, week three shifts to sharing tools–which is one of the EdTech Coaches pillars of practice.  The right tool for the job can make all the difference, and the wrong tool can quickly frustrate the learning process.  Here’s a few of the tools that I regularly use in my coaching practice.

  • Tweetdeck is a must have for any Twitter user.  It tames a never-ending Twitter feed into neat columns sorted by hashtags, users, lists, and more.  Tweetdeck also allows users to schedule Tweets–which prevents forgotten Tweets and frees users from being tied to Twitter at all times.
  • Nuzzle  summarizes my Twitter feed by collating the most popular posts shared by those I follow.  The best part about Nuzzle, is that it requires to setup–just login with your Twitter account and it starts working.
  • Feedly is another tab pinned in my browser that I access daily.  I began using Feedly when Google Reader was shut down and I needed an RSS reader to collate my list of blogs.  The free version has enough features to meet my needs, and displays the most recent blog posts in a magazine-style layout.
  • I created a Custom Google Search containing all the blogs I follow in Feedly.  This allows me to search only those blogs and websites, cutting out a lot of irrelevant search results.  My custom search is setup as a webpage, and looks like a standard Google Search-except it only searches the sites I have included.  There is some setup on the front end, but it was time well spent.
  • Canva is steadily working its way onto my list of favorite tools.  I’m not a graphic designer, but Canva helps me hide that fact.  I find it easy to create great designs, and there are many templates available for various social media and communication applications.  Plus, they just added team functions to the free account.  Some graphic objects are paid, but there are more enough free objects to cover my lack of artistic skills.
  • My district recently purchased a district license of Nearpod, and I am exploring ways to use that in professional development.  Nearpod is a 1:1 presentation tool that combines content slides with question slides.  There are several free features and more are available for paid accounts.  Peardeck is a similar tool.

If you are still seeking to build your EdTech Coaching Toolkit (and who isn’t?), the EdTech Coaches PLN is leading a webinar on Wednesday, September 21 focused on presentation tools.  It is free to ISTE members and registration is open in the ISTE Store through Wednesday.  If you miss the live webinar, ISTE members may view the recorded webinar through the same link.


  • bonniebird

    September 19, 2016

    I like your idea to use Custom Google Search with the blogs you follow. Thanks for sharing that tip! I will likely have many similar tools in my post later this week.

  • Penny C

    September 21, 2016

    Greg, we have an expanding number of Nearpod licenses in our district as well. The platform is good for device-rich settings, but what is propelling the adoption for us is their quality content. We are especially excited to utilize their Common Sense Media content. Awesome share!

  • Brandi Argentar

    September 24, 2016

    I’m somewhat new to the twitter world. I will definitely have to try your twitter suggestions. Thanks for them!

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