#OTFalcons Tech Update September 9, 2016

If you are new to Nearpod (we have purchased a district license) or thinking about using it in the future, Nearpod has created a short presentation to orient new users to their product.  This tutorial will show you how to create an account, find existing Nearpod lessons in the library, and launch your first presentation.  I will share more Nearpod tutorials over the next two weeks.  If you prefer printed instructions over a presentation, Nearpod has created a getting-started checklist.  Contact me if you have questions or want a district license to use in your classroom.
Listenwise is a library of podcasts and recorded news reports.  It contains recordings on recent events grouped by Social Studies, Science, and ELA.  The site supports creating an account with Google and when you login as a teacher, you can share podcasts through Google Classroom.  When you find a recording you want to share, click the blue link button between the assign and favorite buttons.  The window that pops up has a “share with classroom” button at the bottom.  Students do not have to create an account with Listenwise to access the recordings through Classroom.
I sent out an email last week saying MobyMax is working.  That was partially true.  We have since discovered that it works on a desktop computer, but not on a Chromebook.  We are looking into this and I will keep you informed of our progress.