Presentations and PD

Professional Leadership

ISTE Coaching Standards Refresh Technical Working Group, 2019

 ISTE Edtech Coaches PLN Leadership Team

Social Media 2015-Present
President 2017-2018

Missouri Choral Directors Association Board

Newsletter Editor 2001-2011


Edtech Coaches PLN Annual Meeting; 2015-2019

Edtech Coaches PLN Networking Event, 2016-2019

Edtech Coaches Playground, 2015-2019

Setting the Stage for Collaborative Magic with your School Librarian,  2015

Building an #ETCoaches PLN, 2016

ISTE PLN Networking Fair; 2015-2019

       Join ISTE to develop the new ISTE Standards for Coaches; 2019

Edtech Coaching Panel: Effective Strategies for Ensuring Technology Integration; 2018, 2019

Maximizing the ISTE Standards for Technology Coaches in Your School, 2017

Professional Learning Campfire Facilitator, 2017

ISTE Student Standards Refresh Forum, Ed Tech Coaches PLN webinar, November 19, 2015

Ed Tech Coaches Playground Webinar Series, 2016-2017

Ed Tech Coaches Book Studies

Effective Digital Learning Environments, Spring 2016

Book Study Webinar with the Author, May 3, 2016

Integrating Technology in the Classroom, January 2017

Learning First, Technology Second, January 2018

Learning Supercharged, January 2019

               Learning Transported, January 2020

Local Edtech Coaches PLN Membership Meetings

Iowa Technology & Education Connection, October 2017

ISTE Professional Learning Series Webinars

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools to Communicate with Teachers, November 2015

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools to Annotate Digital Media, March 2016

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools for Presentations, September 2016

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools for Organization, March 2017

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools to Support the Refreshed ISTE Educator Standards, September 2017
Presentation Recording

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools for Creating Video Content
January 2019

Blog Posts

Return on Investment, ElevateEDU August 2016

Powerful Learning Conference

Raising the Bar for Collaboration and Student Learning Through Instructional Rounds, January 2019

Iowa 1:1 Conference

Preparing Your Collection for 1:1 Access, April 2015


Level Up PD: Gamification in Professional Development, February 2016

Tweets in Response to the Presentation (Storify)

       METC Podcast: Growing Your EdTech PLN, April 12, 2019

MOREnet Conference

Thinking Like a Game Designer, October 2015

Curation and Organization with Evernote, October 2014

1:1 Research and Informational Texts: Bring Your Own Library, October 2013

KCPT Technology Conference

Leading by Example: Modeling Self-Directed Learning for our Colleagues and Students, March 2016

Missouri Choral Directors Association

Recording and Editing an Audition Track with Audacity, July 2012

Fort Osage Professional Development

Instructional Rounds Facilitator, 2016-present

EdCamp FortProud

October 2015, Fort Osage HS and OTMS
January 2016, Fort Osage HS, OTMS, and FPUE

EdCamp OTMS, March 2015

Instructional Strategies Challenge,  2016-2017

EdTech Chef Challenge OTMS; 2015-2016

Other Professional Development Events

Platte County R-III Panel Discussion and Workshops, February 12, 2016

Other Events

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program Visit to OTMS