Transformation Through Collaboration: Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another video conferencing tool with many of the same features of Skype, but Hangouts is built into our Google accounts (faculty) and does require a separate user profile.  Hangouts will work with the webcam and microphone on a Chromebook (Skype will not work on a Chromebook) or on a desktop computer using a webcam and microphone.  Google Hangouts is currently disabled for OTMS Students, but it can be temporarily enabled for a project with a few days notice.

Google Hangouts in Education is a Google+ Community where educators can learn about Hangouts in the classroom and connect with other educators who want to use Hangouts in their classroom.

Google Connected Classrooms matches teachers with virtual field trip opportunities.  Connections are made through their  Google+ Community.  Submit a request to join the community, and click the join community link on the Google+ Community page.

Mystery Hangout “is a social game played with two groups of students. It’s a mix of Battleship and 20 questions.”  When you join the Google+ Community, you can propose a Mystery Hangout or connect with a teacher who has proposed a Mystery Hangout.  More information on Mystery Hangouts is listed here.

Several other resources on Google Hangouts are listed here.