Two More Steps in the Transformation Process

We continue with steps six and seven in the process of transforming an existing lesson from Michael Gorman’s blog.  Step six involves choosing or developing an advanced organizer to help students connect previous knowledge with new information.  The article gives several examples of advanced organizers and a list of resources for further reading.  Step seven deals with collecting and applying formative assessment data throughout the lesson.

The final arrangements are underway for the EdTech Chef Challenge this Friday.  As you think ahead to the event, take a moment this week to review the competition rubric.  Mel and I developed this to reflect existing building goals to help ensure that ideas developed during the EdTech Challenge can be quickly utilized in OTMS classrooms.  Participating in the challenge will also give us an opportunity to continue the conversations on transformation, differentiation, and formative assessment.

I will be presenting a summary of the School Technology Needs Assessment (The needs assessment we took on January 16) data on Friday after our EdTech Chef Challenge.  There will also be opportunities within the presentation to provide more feedback to help the leadership team plan PD for next year.