What is the Purpose of My Blog? #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 1

I originally created my blog in December of 2014 as a place to curate information I shared with my faculty in weekly newsletters, but it quickly became much more.  My blog has evolved into a website that serves as my digital homepage and portfolio.  What makes this so useful is the fact that I can easily update my blog/portfolio and it is ready at a moment’s notice to share.  It has become the center of my digital footprint and serves as a connective hub to other online spaces in which I participate.  A web-based portfolio also allows me to link to other  resources that document my experience and growth as an EdTech Coach.  I am beginning my third year as an EdTech Coach in the Fort Osage School District, and since I already have information about me curated in my blog, including links to my Twitter and Linkedin accounts, I don’t need to duplicate that biographical information in this blog post.  Feel free to explore and suggest any improvements to my blog in the comments below.

The intended audience of my blog started with the staff of my school and has expanded to my PLN.  In actuality, the audience could potentially include anyone with internet access.  This is both great and a little intimidating at the same time.  Perhaps this is one reason why the blogging process is a challenge to begin and maintain.

My year is off to a great start and my next big project is developing, in collaboration with the instructional coach in my building, a system of instructional rounds.  Our goal is to give faculty the opportunity to visit other classrooms in the building and find ways to improve their own practice based on what they observe.  We also collaboratively developed an Instructional Strategies Challenge for our faculty which gives them four weeks to focus on implementing a specific instructional strategy and then sharing their learning with the whole staff at the end of the challenge.  I’ve also started working with another #ETCoaches PLN leader, Pam Shoemaker, on preparations for the next #ETCoaches book study that will begin in January.  Technical issues have consumed quite a bit of my time during the first weeks of school and I am anxious to focus on instruction and learning as those technical issues are corrected.

I’m excited to participate in the blogging challenge with the #ETCoaches PLN and look forward to learning with other EdTech Coaches in this context.  Participating will also encourage me to update and improve my blog along the way, and I know I will see great things in other blogs that will inspire me to improve my practice as an EdTech Coach.  Don’t hesitate to comment.  Honestly, I had turned off comments sometime in the past due to spam, but comments are now re-enabled for some great conversations.


  • Penny C

    September 9, 2016

    Gregory, what a great blog. I think such a positive online presence over time is extremely valuable. When you think about the information a blog documents about an educator – it makes the resume obsolete! I like your twitter feed in the blog. I have missed a good way to include that element into my current blog theme. I have a feeling that is the blog feature I will include in my next version.

    I really thought the #ETCoaches book study was well done and cannot wait for the next one. When you launch let me know if I can help!

  • rharwood17

    September 14, 2016

    It sounds like you have this blogging thing down. I’ve still got a ways to go to figure out the best way to utilise my digital space. I’ve had a personal blog for years that chronicles our family adventures but the professional writing is different. I look forward to browsing your site a bit more to get some inspiration and ideas. Look forward to the #ETCoaches book study for sure! Thanks for sharing.

    • Gregory Gilmore

      September 14, 2016

      Thanks for the comments. I’m still figuring out the blogging platform. I spent some time on Friday configuring comments and discovering that there are many options available when dealing with comments and the potential of spam. It took me awhile to figure out exactly what I wanted within the blog, and I like having blog posts and links to my coaching resources all in one place.

  • Daniel Mares

    September 23, 2016


    Thanks for sharing your post. There is a lot of value to instructional rounds and that is significant task to take on. I wish you the best of luck.

    Expanding and growing your online presence is an excellent step forward. Not only is it going to help you spread the word about great things happening in Fort Osage, but it will also serve as a model for the students you work with and around, and many times, I find they need to see how the internet can be used for good.

    Thanks for sharing!

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